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Welcome to the magical, musical world of Jana Runnalls, singer, drummer and ceremonial sound healer. She is a teacher of the art of ceremonial vocalizing and drumming. Her powerful ceremonial music can be experienced on her CD Sacred Home.

Jana drumming live
JANA RUNNALLS is a singer, drummer,
songwriter and musical facilitator.

This is a world of sacred creativity and the ancient art of sound healing which will connect you directly with the Original Source.

It is a journey back into the heart of the Sacred Cosmic Mother, connecting us with our soul essence as well as the self-knowledge to expand and enrich our lives with spiritual meaning.

Explore breath as life-force, use your voice for healing and learn about the ancient Medicine Wheel as a map in understanding the fabric of the Universe. Deepen your awareness of Shamanic journeying with ceremonial drumming and explore your ancient memories of the Goddess with guided visualizations, chanting and drumming.

JANA RUNNALLS lives and works on the magical Isle of Avalon, the ancient sacred site in Glastonbury in the south-west of England. Known as the “heart chakra” of the earth, it draws spiritual seekers from all walks of life and all spiritual belief systems.

Jana has been “making music for forty years” and teaching voice work and drumming for more than twenty years. Her spiritual path is a combination of Paganism, Buddhism and Shamanism, which is reflected in her music and her teaching styles. Jana’s musical gift and teaching ability takes people into a creative ceremonial awareness, which in turn provides the ground for healing through sound.

Jana teaches both groups and individuals how to access the power needed to support your sacred dream and creative soul essence.

Read the article about Jana in Kindred Spirit Magazine - Singing to the Land (pdf download size 3Mb)




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